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National Museum Hall of Fame trainer, Janet Elliot, helped form SOTA in 1994. It was created to give steeplechase owners and trainers a unified voice when dealing with issues ranging from medication policies to licensing requirements to safety standards. In its first season, SOTA was able to organize a consensus among owners and trainers to help the passage of the anti-bleeding medication Lasix.

In 2013, SOTA worked closely with the NSA to continue to expand the condition book.  We again gave horsemen the opportunity to have stabling in Saratoga by renting and sub-leasing Dr. Barnes' 19 stall barn on Henning Road. SOTA also takes part in the NSA's Safety Task Force and helped push through the 2013 rule mandating all jockeys to have IMPACT tests on record before riding the 2013 season.

In 2014, SOTA continued to work closely with the National Steeplechase Association and the National Steeplechase Foundation, including co-hosting the annual award's dinner after the Colonial Cup races. It was a rousing success. 

By collaborating with the National Steeplechase AssociationSOTA provides a platform for open and creative discussions about how to stimulate interest and more importantly, participation in our sport. In the past year, we have increased our presence at hunt meets. We also held two cocktail parties in Saratoga and are looking forward to having more this summer! We are striving to bring the horsemen together to work as a collaborative unit that keeps the sport of steeplechasing alive. 

Over the years, past presidents have included Janet Elliot, Jack Fisher, Kathy McKenna, Laura Shull, Kate Dalton, Sean Clancy, Kathy Neilson, Mason Lampton, Meriwether Morris and Todd Wyatt. Cureently, Ricky Hendriks is our president. 

2024 Members

Adams, Betty

Baker, Daniel R.

Clancy, Sean

Copeland, Carol

Davies, Joe

Denefrio, Daniel M.

Fisher, Dolly

Fisher, Jack

Fout, Doug

Goelet, Lucy

Gomena, Julie

Griswold, Jack

Hendriks, Parker

Hendriks, Ricky

Hodsdon, Danielle

Killebrew, Pedie

Kingsley, Arch

Kingsley, Wendy

Lampton, Mason 

Lazenby, Virginia

Leventhal, Alex

McKenna, Todd

Menefee, Crispin

Miller, Zachary

Murphy, Cyril

Naylor, Irv

Neilson, Kathy

Odonovan, Achsah

Ohrstrom, Clarke

Parker, Hill 

Price, William J.

Rice, Thomas

Smith, Connie

Smith, Lawrence

Webb, Sandra

Willis, Paul 

Woolcott, Lauren

Woolcott, Rene

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