National Museum Hall of Fame trainer, Janet Elliot, helped form SOTA in 1994. It was created to give steeplechase owners and trainers a unified voice when dealing with issues ranging from medication policies to licensing requirements to safety standards. In its first season, SOTA was able to organize a consensus among owners and trainers to help the passage of the anti-bleeding medication Lasix.

In 2013, SOTA worked closely with the NSA to continue to expand the condition book.  We again gave horsemen the opportunity to have stabling in Saratoga by renting and sub-leasing Dr. Barnes' 19 stall barn on Henning Road. SOTA also takes part in the NSA's Safety Task Force and helped push through the 2013 rule mandating all jockeys to have IMPACT tests on record before riding the 2013 season.

In 2014, SOTA continued to work closely with the National Steeplechase Association and the National Steeplechase Foundation, including co-hosting the annual award's dinner after the Colonial Cup races. It was a rousing success. 

Last year, SOTA began sponsoring two apprentice races.  SOTA hopes to grow the jockey pool by continuing this sponsorship.   By collaborating with the National Steeplechase Association, SOTA provides a platform for open and creative discussions about how to stimulate interest and,

more importantly, participation in our sport.

Over the years, past presidents have included Janet Elliot, Jack Fisher, Kathy McKenna, Laura Shull, Kate Dalton, Sean Clancy, and Mason Lampton. Presently, Meriwether Morris is president. 

2020 Members

Miriam Anver

Heather Austin

Cindy Blasser

Robert Banner

Robert Bonnie

Lilith Boucher

Gerry Brewster 

Keri Brion

Magalen O. Bryant

Sean Clancy

Gail Clark

Julie Colhoun

Thomas Collins

Rhonda Cornum

Joseph Davies

Daniel Denefrio

Tria Pell Dove

Janet Elliot

Charles Fenwick

Sheila Fisher

Jack Fisher

Marianna Fisher

Joseph Fowler

Lucy Goelet

Julie Gomena

Matthew T. Groff

Nancy Haigley

Michael Hankin

Gregory Hawkins

Marsha Hewitt

Mary Ann Houghland

Lucy Howard

William W Price

Suzy Reingold

Luanne Riddle

Bruno Schickedanz

Anthony Scott-Hobbs

George Sensor

Susan Sensor

Eva Smithwick

Beverly Steinman

Edward Swyer

John Teas

Guy Torsilieri

Harold Via, Jr. 

Mary Voss

Regina Welsh

Lewis S. Wiley

Sheila Williams

Laura Woolcutt

Blair Wyatt

Todd Wyatt

Leslie Young


Richard Hutchinson

Ann Jackson

Peter A. Jay

Gil Johnston

Norma Killebrew

Arch Kingsley

Wendy Kingsley

Elizabeth Korrell

Mason Lampton

Ann LaPides

Alex Leventhal

George Mahoney

Edward McLaughlin

Mark McMillan

George Merck

Rodman Moorhead, III

Meriwether Morris

Alicia Murphy

Irvin Naylor

Katherine Neilson

Sanna Neilson

Ernest M. Oare

Achsah O'Donovan

Jacqueline Ohrstrom

Hill Parker

William W Price



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