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Letter From Todd Wyatt, SOTA President

Dear SOTA members,

As 2021 comes to a close, I would like to give you a brief rundown of SOTA’s accomplishments. My primary goal as SOTA president was the formal recognition of SOTA by the NSA. I am very proud to say this goal has been accomplished. At the December meeting of the NSA Board of Directors, it was voted and confirmed that SOTA is now the “Official Horsemen’s Group of the NSA.” The process was no small feat and took a year of steady work behind the scenes to accomplish. Our first step was to revise, update and get legal approval of the SOTA bylaws. By updating the bylaws, SOTA was then in a position to become “Official.” As most of you are aware, the NSA is leaning on SOTA more and more every year. With these two major achievements completed in 2021, SOTA is well positioned to gain a strong foothold within the inner workings of the sport. Our next step and the first thing on our agenda for 2022 is establishing and communicating SOTA's protocols for its membership.

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the SOTA board, the Executive Committee and the Conditions Committee. Also, thank you to Hill Parker, a committee of one, for his tireless and extensive work on fundraising and the dues drive. It has been a group effort, and I thank you all for your time!

A few successes in 2021:

  • Bylaw upgrade and revision

  • Highest number of membership support in 4 years

  • Official recognition by the NSA - “Official Horsemen’s Group of the NSA”

  • Smooth communications and resolutions with the NSA regarding various members’ issues

  • Constructive discussions with all ‘new business’ and completion of all ‘old business’ at the SOTA monthly board meetings

  • High attendance and active participation by every board member at the monthly board meetings

Looking forward to 2022:

  • Establishing and communicating to the membership our SOTA protocols

  • Establishment of a Hunt Meet Committee

  • Establishment of a Membership Committee

  • Conditions Committee members and protocols

  • Working closely with all the NSA committees on every aspect of the new fence

I hope everyone has a joyful off-season. I am looking forward to a productive 2022!!

All of my very best,

Todd Wyatt, SOTA President

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