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Letter From Our President

Dear fellow horseman,

SOTA has been working with the NSA to figure out our best, safest options for racing this spring. Al Griffin and Bill Gallo have been keeping SOTA apprised of possible changes. Bill Gallo reached out to Aiken’s Paul Sauerborn to see if adding more races to the card would be feasible.

I really get the feeling that everyone wants to see our races happen even if it means later in the season or live-streamed. Obviously, it will depend on what our state governments deem safe. Al Griffin and Bill Gallo are getting creative and SOTA supports whatever it takes to create racing opportunities.

One thing I keep trying to keep in mind is that hopefully, this virus will pass quickly without us losing any of our friends to the illness.

We are lucky to have SOTA as a united voice of horseman’s interest. It is clear how critical our organization is in times like this. SOTA needs your input. We need your thoughts and concerns. Please make sure you join. Thank you, Thank you,


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