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Getting to know board member, Bill Price.

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Bill and Carrington Price - Image by Tod Marks

Bill Price is the Co-Race Chairman of the Charlotte Steeplechase Foundation, Inc., producers of the Queen’s Cup Steeplechase. Over the years, Bill has been involved in most every aspect of steeplechase racing. He has been an owner, trainer, and rider. He has been pivotal in the creation of a safer steeplechase fence and started the company SafTFence. He and his wife, Carrington, have horses running in the stable name Carrington Holdings LLC.

What got you involved in steeplechase racing?

In 1992, we bought our first horse from Nick Arundel named BREAK CLEAN and Charlie Fenwick trained him. BREAK CLEAN ended up winning 6 jump races and a flat race or two and we “caught the bug” so to speak, from then on.

What is your fondest steeplechasing memory?  I have several of them...Winning our first race with BREAK CLEAN in a $10,000 Claimer down in Atlanta in 1992. I was beyond the moon. The second was watching our son Jamey, who took to the sport, winning his first training flat race and shortly thereafter, winning his first jump race over hurdles Why are you involved in SOTA?

It’s a good cause with a good mission. It gives us a voice at the NSA Board level that might otherwise be lost. 

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